Chefs On Stage Culinary Arts Program Fees

Chefs On Stage Culinary Arts Program Fees

Please note the following: 

1. Fees Structure 

The Chefs on Stage Culinary Arts Program is a two-year program and the fees are as follows. These fees cover 
the tuition, textbooks and examinations.

Payment Plan 1 Payment Plan 2 Payment Plan 3
(Once off payment) 
( 2 instalments in a year)
( 10 instalments in a year)
Total Fees Per Year 
Total Fees Per Year 
Total Fees Per Year 
Resource Fees Year One 
(Books and Examinations )
Second Year Examination Fees $1,000.00   

*Program fees are paid in advance all the time. Payments are done from the 1st of the month to the 7th. Failure to pay the fees will result in interest charges to your account.

2a. Daily Uniforms 
As a school we groom individuals who are neatly attired and groomed at all times. The day to day uniform requirements are as follows:
Ladies Gentlemen
Black suit (with slack or skirt) Black Suit
White shirt White shirt
Scarf (colour to be agreed on as a group)  Tie (colour to be agreed on as a group)
Closed, lowly heeled black shoes Formal, Black Leather Shoes

2b. Chefs Uniforms
All of our trainees will have a training session in the kitchens as part of their practical lessons. These uniforms are part  of the Resource Fees. The uniform comprises of:
  • 2 Chef’s Jacket,
  • 2 Chef’s Trousers,
  • 2 Mushroom Hats,
  • 2 Aprons and
  • 1 pair of Safety Shoes.

3. French and Digital Skills Passport
All of our trainees are encouraged to obtain an additional internationally spoken language as well as knowledge on the use of computers. As a school we offer the following programs and they are charged for separately. 
  • Delf A1 Diploma (in association with Alliance Francaise) -$360.00 for a year
  • Digital Skills Passport ( In association with E-Learning Solutions) - $250.00 for the 10 modules
*These programs are compulsory unless the trainee has already done the programs and can submit the qualifications with their application.

Payments can be done at the school in cash or into the following accounts. 

Banking Details
Stanbic Bank, Belgravia Branch
Account Name:Decanter Enterprises
Account Number 914 000 1066 780
Stanbic Bank, Belgravia Branch
Account Name: Decanter Enterprises
Account Number: 914 0000 907 994
Ref #: Trainee’s Name

We look forward to welcoming you to our school and we hope you will enjoy your time with us as you make your vocation your vacation.