S.A.H.T.C. - The Hospitality School

S.A.H.T.C. - The Hospitality School

Welcome to The Hospitality School, where our trainees learn all the aspects of the wonderful and exciting world of fine cuisine and hospitality. Our Vision, Mission and Objectives are focused on producing world class Hoteliers with strong leadership skills and unparalleled career opportunities.
The Hospitality School has relations with the leading hotels in Zimbabwe - Meikles Hotel and The Victoria Falls Hotel as well as international brands such as Hilton and Marriott Hotels to name a few.


Objectives of the program are to:

  • Champion professionalism in the Hospitality industry through targeted resources that drive results.
  • Broaden trainee's knowledge and develop skills.
  • Use up to date methodologies and equipment in the training process.
  • Comply with Manpower Planning and Development Act 28:2, 1996 and Statutory instrument number 333 of 1996 and number 26 of 2001 of Zimbabwe.
  • Equip trainees with leadership skills.
  • Improve trainee's career opportunities.
  • Expose trainees to five star hospitality operations in Zimbabwe and globally.
  • Produce Hoteliers who will survive in a competitive world, where satisfying customers is not enough, you need to delight them.
  • Develop a service strategy that aligns with a service ethos.
  • Increase the profitability of an organization.
  • Strengthen trainee's ability to give feedback and motivate staff in a way that works
  • Get an overview of the dynamics of consumer perception and how it inter relates with service.
  • Develop in trainees a personal service ethos

These objectives will be met through formal teaching, "hands on" learning within the framework of the course, the monitoring of activities by the respective organizations where trainees will be attached and through participation in group situations.


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