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Prospective Sudents

We recruit the "stars" of tomorrow who manage at the highest level in the hospitality industry locally or worldwide.  All candidates are interviewed irrespective of pre-requisites to date. We have found that a true hotelier makes many sacrifices and gives of themselves personally as it is their vocation. 
Courses are time bound and require 100% focus to achieve the required level of competency. We offer world class resources that are applied as if you were in any other part of the world. Our facilitation days start at 8.30am with a minimum of 70 hours for each module. Facilitation is in English as it is the most widely spoken language in the world.
Trainees are expected to organize their study period and record at least 10 hours study per week. If we feel you are not ready to write at the designated time we will discuss with you an alternative arrangement. 
We can guarantee return on your investment if you follow the recipe we have designed.  We take no shortcuts.

Who do we enroll?
  • Either gender with a willing to learn attitude
  • Overally good academic performance  
  • Flexible and extrovert with common sense
  • Should not be a watch watcher
  • Well-groomed personality
  • Hardworking and willing to take risks
  • (People with disability are encouraged to apply (i.e) partially blind/ handicapped, no discrimination)

"We train the best"