Harare - known as the Sunshine City

Harare - known as the Sunshine City

Situated in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe is bordered by South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique. Prior to receiving independence from the British colony in 1980, Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia. Mining and agriculture are the key business industries in the economy of Zimbabwe and its natural resources include coal, platinum, asbestos, gold, chrome, diamonds and iron ore. The country is a delightful destination and some of its most acclaimed tourist attractions include Victoria Falls, the many game parks and the Great Zimbabwe Ruins.

Founded in the late 19th Century as Salisbury, Harare is now the vibrant heart of Zimbabwe's cultural, social and economic worlds. The capital's cosmopolitan population reflects the city's rich history and provides visitors with a warm welcome.

After independence the city grew quickly and the city centre is now a fascinating mix of the old and the new where you will find gleaming office blocks towering over 100 year old churches. It is a city of modern buildings, wide thoroughfares, numerous parks and gardens. A city whose streets are lined with flowering trees and a wonderful and invigorating climate.

To the north of the city lie the 'low density' suburbs which are home to shopping malls, restaurants, embassies and most of the city's most exclusive neighbourhoods. This is where most visitors now spend their time amidst wide tree-lined streets and an ever-growing number of excellent coffee shops.

Life as it is for the vast majority of Harare's population can be seen south of the city centre to Mbare, a sprawling area of markets and housing which is a permanent hub of activity.

For a long time Harare has been used by tourists as a transit point for safaris in the rest of the country but it should now be seen as a destination in itself, with a huge range of entertainment, cultural and sporting activities.